Power Pedals: Dual or Single-sided?

Pedal power meters come as dual or single-sided. The single-sided models are 30-40% cheaper.  So, is dual-sided power worth the cost?  

In our experience, we suggest a dual-sided power meter. We’ve talked to athletes about this query many times over the last few years. Sure, the single-side model is cheaper and fairly accurate. But knowing whether you have an imbalance or seeing the pedal metrics (e.g. smoothness, torque, etc) are extremely helpful when something in your leg (e.g. glute, hammie, quad) isn’t firing right. Several times each year I’m able to get ahead of injuries or niggles because I can see through the pedal metrics that something isn’t right — both for myself and for my athletes. These are the types of issues you tend to feel first on the run, but in truth they stem from an imbalance on the bike! In addition to giving me a heads up on a recipe for a looming injury, seeing an imbalance in the pedal numbers motivates you to go see your PT, Chiro, or massage person. Plus, you know which leg is the problem!

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