Racing in the Rain

We’ve all been there – watching the weather each day before a race, only to be filled with increasing concern as we see that rain forecast firm up before race day. So, what are some tips for racing in the rain?

As coaches and team leaders we spend a lot of time reminding our athletes to stay cool, calm, collected. EVERYONE has to race in the same conditions. As triathletes, we have to accept the course we’re given on race day and not let that shake our mentality or confidence. Still, there are things you can do to be safer on the bike and more comfortable racing in the rain.


  • Lower your tire pressure 5 to 10 psi to create a slightly larger tire surface to grip the road.
  • Avoid paint strips on the road as these are very slick in wet conditions.
  • Take the turns a little more cautiously than you normally would. A turn is not the place to make up time during a race in wet conditions.
  • Be flexible with your eyewear on the bike. Make sure you can remove any blast shield or glasses and stick it somewhere. Depending on the conditions a shield or glasses can fog up or the rain spatter on them can actually make it harder to see.
  • Be sure to put your wetsuit on in a dry location, before your skin and tri suit get wet. Otherwise, putting on the wetsuit will take even longer (read: contortions) and require more patience than it already does!

Other tips to make your day easier. Plastic bags! Use a large trash bag for your transition bag. Be sure to label your bag visibly with your name (colored duct tape and permanent marker is a good idea!) In the transition area, do not worry about covering your bike seat. Seriously, don’t do it.  Instead, get two gallon plastic bags; one for your cycling shoes, and one for your running shoes. Place your shoes in them and leave them open for quick transitions into dry shoes. Yes, they will potentially get soaking wet in just a few minutes but it’s faster (and more comfortable) to put on dry shoes. 

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    1. Ah that’s really fantastic to hear. That is definitely going to be a slightly more challenging first race experience, but everyone is facing the same circumstances — many other first timers too! Glad you found this article and can use these tips. Please check back in and let us know how it goes. GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUN!


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