Work with Coach Dave

Each season Coach Dave works with a small number of athletes as a full-service coach. Typically, however, his roster is filled with return athletes and he has limited spaces for new athletes. Can’t get in for full-service coaching or not looking for a monthly commitment? Then do a consulting session with Coach Dave! Learn more here, and then contact us to set up your session and get your personalized #triathlonanswers.

What’s a consulting session like?

You can use one or multiple consulting sessions to discuss whatever triathlon questions you might have. Or use the time to do a webinar-style video analysis to improve efficiency, form, and function for your swim, bike, or run.  If you wish to do a video form analysis, please send your video files to Coach Dave ahead of time and he will create an analysis package prior to your video conference so you make the most of your time!

What else can we discuss during our hour session?

  • Strategic race selection
  • Goal setting
  • Monthly and weekly training schedules and segmentation
  • Recommendations on key workouts in preparation for primary race
  • Race dynamics such as pacing
  • Mental skills services
  • Training with power or heart rate zones
  • Gear options and vendor recommendations
  • Sport nutrition (advice based on coaches’ experience, the experience of our athletes, and from research and certification courses on this topic)
  • Anything else you want #triathlonanswers to!